Epic Fit Meals (Mont Kiara)


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Lunch Box

Chicken Schnitzel, BBQ, Roasted Vege, and Sweet Potato

RM 12.50

Chicken Schnitzel, BBQ , Fajitas, and Caulirice

RM 12.80

Chicken Schnitzel, BBQ, and Cilantro Brown Rice

RM 9.80

Grilled Chicken, Country Gravy, Corn Salsa, and Sweet Potato

RM 12.80

Grilled Chicken, Country Gravy, Fajitas, and Aglio Olio

RM 12.80

Grilled Chicken, Country Gravy, Roasted Vege, and Cilantro Brown Rice

RM 12.80

Grilled Chicken, Country Gravy, and Aglio Olio

RM 9.80

Grilled Chicken, Country Gravy, and Cilantro Brown Rice

RM 9.80


3 weeks ago


Buy 1 free 1 food was terrible.

a month ago

Dubi Lee

More like epic FAIL meals! This place is a joke for deliveries. Don't even try wasting your time and money to order delivery from this place. First it says 20 mins, then 30minutes then another 30 mins. Waited for an hour also still preparing. I wonder what are they doing in the kitchen( maybe they need to go buy the ingredients and cook for you nicely). Well if you can't take so many orders no need to accept them in the first place. My first and final time coming to here. Please, your service sucks to the max. Good luck surviving dude.

3 months ago

Sau Keong Hu

Actually the taste of the food isn't all that bad. If it wasn't for the below points, I would repeat my purchase. So we ordered delivery for our dinner and pre ordered for next day's lunch as well. The dinner came with our fries packed together to with cold canned drinks. This made the paper packing for the fries all wet and broken, and the fries all soggy and maybe even dirty from the can drinks. Second thing was the sauce for the calzone was poorly packed that it spilled inside the package. OK, so we thought of just letting it slide. Maybe the chef was in a rush. But today's lunch made me just having to write this review. We found a hair in our lunch. Again normally we would just cut it out and shrug it off as an once off accident. But with the current pandemic, the restaurants should take extra caution on hygiene!! This is not acceptable.

4 months ago

Anubhav Gandhi

We had the burritos and i must say they were pretty bad. Completely bland and flavourless. Burritos are mexican for goodness sake. How can you attempt to sell one without a single mexican ingredient in there.

a year ago

Shazana Rahim

Really happy and pleased with the food! Decided to finally drop by and have a taste of Epic after having heard about it months ago 😀 Wish I had done so sooner! I opted to try the Mix and Match promotion they are currently having (until March) - I got the grilled chicken with Pepa sauce (black pepper sauce) and Brown rice. I matched it with the Honey Mustard Salad. So satisfying! I didn't realize the chicken came with grilled vegetables (Broccoli and Carrots) so I was very happy. The whole meal was well worth the RM10.40 I ended up paying. The chicken was juicy and lovely, the vegetables were slightly crunchy the way I like (no much Carrots for me please!) but do note that there are slices of garlic in it so you might want to pick those out, and the brown rice was perfectly cooked. As for the salad, it was perfect. Lovely fresh greens and the dressing was so tasty I couldn't find fault except that I would have loved a larger portion. In fact, I was so pleased I decided to bite the bullet and take away the ozzie wings to try. The flavor was great and definitely hit the right notes. In the end, I have a very happy stomach and even happier taste buds. In the end, the main reason I am giving this 4 stars rather than 5 is that I think some of the calorie counts provided are off. The grilled chicken, vegetables and salad I am quite confident on but seeing the wings DRENCHED in sauce - I doubt their estimation of 310 calories for my 6 wings is accurate (unless they are using some 0 calorie sauce I am unaware of). Just be a little wary of the potential inaccuracy of calorie counts provided. Regardless, Epic is still heads and shoulders above other eateries that don't provide even a rough estimation for their meals so for those of us trying to make better and more informed decisions regarding our eating - the calorie count Epic provides is invaluable. So, Epic is well worth a visit and I fully intend to do so again very soon! I can't wait to try all the other delicious Epic offerings! P/S: my bad I forgot to mention that the service was lovely. The cashier had a lovely smile when I walked in and ordered and made me feel very welcome. She seemed like she was proud and happy to work at Epic and I think that speaks volumes about them as employers. Definitely makes me feel happy to visit again.