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Catering is complex, and we’re making it easy for you. Get started now.

A platform built around you

Reach thousands of catering customers across Malaysia via our online marketplace, ranging from business people to private catering events.

All the support you need

Your SmartBite partnership comes with an expert vendor team that's always close to you to provide guidance and support. Spend less time on the phone as we will handle the customers’ requests.

Boost sales and customers

Set your own pre-order time and get notified about orders as far in advance as you need. Leverage SmartBite's network of reliable delivery providers and join un on the quest for 6 digits sales in 3 months.

increase visibility
increase your visibility

Increase your visibility.

Upgrade your ordering system for pickup and delivery orders. Keep up with the big brands and grow your customer base.

We list you on our marketplace and provide you with your own public menu page. Link this page on your website and see the growth happening before you.
Offer in-store pickup and leverage our nationwide network of commission-free delivery partners.
Create and share vouchers and monitor their performance. Apply discounts to items on your public menu with ease and control.
Cultivate lasting customer relationships with your own loyalty membership programs.
manage with ease
manage with ease

Manage with ease.

Handle your online and offline orders in one place, send professional quotations, securely process payments, and easily book logistics.

View and execute your catering orders accurately and efficiently. See all your in-progress orders from our Marketplace or that you created yourself. In fact, you can track in-house orders too.
Expand your delivery capacity with our broad network of catering delivery providers, so you can say yes to more orders.
Build quotations and menu proposals in the blink of an eye. Get notified when a customer proposes changes or accepts a choice and quickly transform it into an order.
Don't get caught in a cash crunch. SmartBite pays its partner caterers regularly every 14 days, regardless of whether orders come from our Marketplace or you create them yourself.
smartbite insights
insights you can act upon

Insights you can act upon.

What do customers say when asked for a review? Which promotions and advertisements increase your revenues the most? Which marketing channels drive the most orders?

Understand the health of your business with detailed charts on revenues, new customers, ordering activity, etc. Among plenty of other things, view top spenders, check your top rated menu items and watch how far your business is expanding with heatmaps.
Read customer reviews and act upon them. Do you know that 97% of customers read online reviews before they buy and almost half of those will only trust 4-stars or better.
Create detailed orders reports you can download as Excel sheets.
operational support
operational support

Operational support.

Our 5-star customer service team has your back. With our Marketplace and SmartBite for Vendors, both you and your customers spend less time on the phone. When you and your customers need help, we are here to serve.

SmartBite is ready to help 24/7 via phone, chat, or email.
Our Restaurant Success Managers offer specific guidance and custom strategies to help you grow your online takeout business.
Our Menu Specialists will help you find the ideal balance of organization, labeling, and style to boost sales.
Need help with tech-related issues. Don't worry no more. Our support tech team is here to satisfy any inquiry.

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