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All about Thai cuisine
As clearly known, Thai is the national cuisine of Thailand. The dishes mostly prepared light with strong aroma and spices. However, the details of recipes need attention for its texture, smell, colour, and taste. The cuisine is also known for being unique.
Vegetarian Thai foods
Vegetarianism has been growing rapidly all around the world as well as Thailand. Even though the cuisine has unique tastes with meat products, vegan options are much alike and popular.
Thai food vs. other cuisines
Thai cuisine has its unique form among others but has some similarities at the same time. Since Thai food culture is accepted all around the world, it should be tried at least once by everyone.
Must taste popular Thai dishes
As known, Thai cuisine is accepted worldwide and has many different and unique tastes. The recipes include varieties of herbs and spices. Actually, those ingredients and cooking techniques are the things that make Thai cuisine unique.
Most common Thai food ingredients
Even though the Thai cuisine is known with its complicated recipes, it offers the perfect combination of sweet, sour, and salty tastes made with original spices and ingredients.
Is Thai food healthy?
Believe it or not, Thai cuisine could have the healthiest alternatives that you can ever have. Besides, some Thai dishes are under different scientific studies for their health benefits.