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Indian food in Malaysia
Famous Indian spices and cooking techniques were adopted easily to Malaysia as the cuisine is based on Ayurveda. Ayurveda is known as the science of life by balancing the body with diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.
How do you compare Chinese cuisine and Indian cuisine?
Indian food vs. Chinese food. Which one do you think is more popular? Being located geographically close to each other does not mean that the cuisines should be alike. They may seem totally different but of course, they have similarities at the same time.
Is Indian food healthy to eat?
Did you order a portion of Indian food online yet? No? Why not? Oh, you would like to eat clean, vegan or gluten-free? Well, online Indian food delivery has various alternatives regarding that. You should give it a shot!
Indian desserts that you can order online
As most of Indian desserts and sweets contain sugar and milk, the deliciousness of these desserts cannot be denied. Indian originated desserts have many different variations in many countries as well as Malaysia.
Best dishes in Malaysian Indian cuisine
Malaysian Indian cuisine has become perfect when ethnic recipes of India got combined with diverse food culture of Malaysia. Since majority of Indians came from South India to Malaysia, the characteristics can easily be seen in cooking techniques & recipes
A brief history of Indian food in Malaysia
The influence of Indians had started to show itself back in ancient times, around AD 110 by the new ethnic Indian communities in Malaysia. During those years, Kadaram (Kedah) and the Malacca Sultanate (Melaka) still belonged to India kingdoms.