Party Karty Combo (6-7 People)

Party Karty Combo (6-7 People)


6 slices of Pizza combined with 4 drinks and 2 carnival sides and 2 gala sides


pork free
Party Karty Combo (6-7 People)
  • Hola Hawaiian Pizza

    Hola Hawaiian Pizza

  • Pepperoni Party Pizza

    Pepperoni Party Pizza

  • Cheesy Cheese Pizza

    Cheesy Cheese Pizza

  • Supremo Pizza

    Supremo Pizza

  • Chicken Delight Pizza

    Chicken Delight Pizza

  • BBQ Bonanza Pizza

    BBQ Bonanza Pizza

  • Big Daddy Pizza

    Big Daddy Pizza

  • Meat Munchers Pizza

    Meat Munchers Pizza

  • Very Veggie Pizza

    Very Veggie Pizza

  • Coco Cola

  • Drinking Water

  • Sprite

  • Iced Lemon Tea

  • Chicken Popcorn Original

  • Tomyam Jumbo Popcorn

  • Mexican Spicy BBQ Drummets