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How do you compare Chinese cuisine and Indian cuisine?
Indian food vs. Chinese food. Which one do you think is more popular? Being located geographically close to each other does not mean that the cuisines should be alike. They may seem totally different but of course, they have similarities at the same time.
Chinese food in Malaysia
With the migration of Chinese people to Malaysia, everything had started to change about food. When these immigrants settled in different regions of the country, they also brought their traditions of food with them.
The 10 healthiest Chinese food with food delivery option in Kuala Lumpur
You do not want to compromise from your healthy diet but got stuck at the office? Just order your favorite food to your desk without losing any time and enjoy the taste while you continue working.
Is Chinese food healthy to eat?
Chinese cuisine is very popular and can be a healthy choice to eat. So is it always healthy? The answer is yes and no. It is healthy in general as the cuisine has high protein and moderate fiber but it can be high in sodium at the same time.
Chinese food delivery containers
Chinese food delivery containers (also known as oyster pail) are white cardboard boxes and well known and used by everyone around the world to carry hot or cold food.
What Malaysia orders for Chinese food delivery
Ordering food online has become the most chosen way to eat as the food you would like to have comes to your door. The most common reason for ordering food is people do not want to spend time on preparing the food and cleaning afterward.
A very brief history of Chinese food in Malaysia
When the history of Chinese food in Malaysia is reviewed, we can see that in the 19th century, with the foundation of tin, Chinese people had started to leave their homes and move to the Malay Peninsula for trading.