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All about Japanese cuisine
It is obvious to see the changes in Japanese cuisine for centuries by the development of societies and the economy.
10 interesting Japanese food facts
Even though the cooking process of Japanese food recipes looks easy from the outside, it takes many years of training, especially if you would like to be a sushi chef.
Popular Japanese food ingredients
It is hard to select the most popular Japanese food ingredients since there are thousands of it. As per the consumption, below ingredients could be the top ones;
Health benefits of Japanese cuisine
Like other cuisines, Japanese cuisine and recipes can be considered as a healthy one if you could be aware of ingredients of dishes, and not getting lost within deliciousness of Japanese food.
Must try Japanese “Don” rice bowl dishes
In Japanese cuisine, a type of dish called "Don" or "Donburi" is quite famous, especially for lunchtime. It is definitely a delicious and fulfilling kind of meal at a suitable price.
Japanese desserts
As we all know, Japanese cuisine has an influence on other cuisines as its recipes are strong, delicious and easy to adapt to some cultures. Well, desserts are one of them, for sure.
Popular Japanese dishes
With social and economic changes, Japanese food culture and cuisine have come to another level with the help of being affected by different cultures in a positive way, for sure.