Frequently Asked Questions

NO! SmartBite is completely transparent and there are not extra FEES beyond what the caterer/restaurant required. No markups from our side. If you notice irregularities in the prices (higher that in-store) contact us at



Anything you need. Min. orders and Fees are dictated by each vendor. If you would like any new restaurant/caterer/food chain  please contact us at – We will give you a voucher for your help!

Yes of course. All our caterers deliver. If you would like special arrangements, please contact us at


You can select date, time and location and filter your favourite vendors. Proceed to the checkout and complete the order. Contact us directly to or to our hotline.

Yes. You can order even 12 or 24 months from now. We will charge your credit card by the cut-off time of the vendor.

In receipts you can see your past orders with the receipt of the ordered delivered. You can download your pdf. In Order scheduled you can see the future order. You can duplicate your previous orders and repeat your favourite orders.

Yes. We don’t charge any fee. The vendor might charge the food if they already prepared. Contact us and we will let you know the status of your order –

Sure. Contact us or simply go to special instructions on the menu level.


Please go to your profile page and change your details including password.


Click on forgot your password in the login page.


No. We don’t mark up prices. If you see irregularities, we will solve them for you.


We receive commissions from the caterers.


Some vendors charge delivery fees. You can see this detail in the vendor preview page on our menu/order page.