For a person’s health, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It balances the inner system and gives you energy throughout the day. However, not like Asian countries, European countries like France and Italy prefers to have a type of pastry and black coffee in the mornings.

Some Western country breakfast examples;

- Brazil: Coffee with milk, bread, ham, cheese, and soup (made from black beans and meat products).

- Cuba: Coffee and grilled & buttered bread.

- England: Bread, eggs, sausage, bacon, beans, mushrooms, and tomato.

- Turkey: Tea, bread, cheese, spicy sausage, eggs, tomato, cucumber, jam, honey, and olives.

- South Africa: Hot cereal made from corn.

So, what is the most popular western food for breakfast?

To be honest, it depends on the food culture. As you can see from the examples above, each country has its own kind of ingredients and prefers different things to eat from each other.

For example, in the United States of America, people more likely to eat cold cereal in the mornings because most people think that they are in rush for something. But in Germany, a large table is set with full of fresh bread, cold meat, types of cheese, butter, and jam.

Healthy Western Breakfast

If you would like to have Western-style breakfast but looking for a healthy option nutritionwise, you may want to check out below list that will satisfy you for sure;

- Muesli: Enrich the muesli flavour with seeds, dates, and berries.

- Omelette: Mix the eggs with different types of fresh herbs and serve it with tomatoes.

- Burrito: The stuffing can be eggs, avocado, tomatoes, green leaves.

- Toast: A slice of bread with cream cheese and topped with creamy mustard mushrooms.

- Pancakes: A healthy option is always available with blueberries and lemon zest.

What is considered as brunch food?

First, the definition of brunch should be understood. Brunch is a type of meal that usually eaten in the late morning and early afternoon (generally between 10:00-15:00).

It is a mixture of breakfast and lunch with a buffet style. The origin for brunch is England and may contain alcoholic beverages like champagne or cocktails.

What do you serve at a Western brunch menu?

Brunch ingredients change from country to country like breakfast or other meals. There are countless ingredients that are served at brunch. Some commonly preferred ones are bagels, waffle, bacon, sausage, ham, different types of eggs (scrambled, poached, omelette, fried, etc.), cereal, muesli, cinnamon rolls, muffin, french toast, pancakes, fruits, green leaves, potatoes, roasted meats, smoked salmon, soup, and seafood. Beverages can be coffee, tea, fruit juices, sparkling water, bloody mary, champagne, and mimosa.

Business Brunch

Organizing a brunch is not only popular among social gatherings, but also for business meetings. It is a way of making business meetings more fun and social.

Keeping guests comfortable and offering a running coffee station could be two of the key points of a successful business brunch. If fresh and seasonal ingredients are used and the menu is kept neither too simple, nor too rich; nothing more could have been done.

The menu should be balanced. As brunch would probably be the first meal of the guests, loading up the stomachs could not be a good thing. Before sitting at the table, serving some fruits, bite-size pastries, muffins, granola bars, bircher muesli or yoghurt pots along with fresh fruit juices or smoothies could be a great idea.

When having brunch in a business meeting, guests expect to be served at the table. So it is always better to serve plated brunch instead of buffet lunch. Because with a buffet style, the service takes more time and could distract people who are trying to focus on the meeting. That is why plated brunch are preferred more than open buffets. Also, it is more formal.

After serving a small number of food items like above, a brunch plate is served. The ingredients are decided by the host.

An example for a plated brunch is a type of egg (can be poached, boiled or anything preferred), assorted types of cheese, grilled sausages or ham or smoked salmon, mini potatoes along with caramelized onions, mushrooms with spinach and tomatoes, mini fruit or chocolate muffin, jam, and fruits.

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