Is it the time of the year?

For the expected home or office party? Well, creating a memorable party (even if you have to stick to a budget) is possible and fun to do!

All you have to do is being creative or know what to order for a party! It does not have to be caviar and champagne all the time but still, food is the most important thing. Even though choosing not the most expensive dishes is okay but yet, the key point is choosing the ones that everybody can enjoy and eat. The varieties should be set according to guest profile and special dietary requirements (like vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, etc.)

First thing should be known is choosing the correct food items to serve. For an office party or any other parties, finger foods are the best. Still, keep in mind that dishes should not be juicy or quick-melting. Food choices that might leak or do not stand for long on the table should be skipped.

So, what are the best finger foods for a party?

1. Bruschetta: Toasted bread with tomatoes and some mozzarella cheese (optional) is a good dish to start a party.

2. Popcorn: Either can be salty or sweet. Goes well along with drinks.

3. Nuts: Before serving the main products, nuts go well with any kind of beverage and in the meantime, you can have time to prepare the other food items, if necessary. Salty, savoury, spicy, sweet. The choice is yours.

4. Cupcakes: It is good to arrange bite-size items like cupcakes. They can be either salty or sweet. If you are going to arrange both, just try to choose common flavours so everyone can enjoy!

5. Chicken wings: A meat-lovers favourite for sure. Hot wings can also be served with dipping sauce on the side.

6. Salad: Giving space to green leaves does not hurt anyone. Try to mix different kinds of leaves.

7. Sushi: Any kind would definitely work. If there is a vegetarian or vegan guest, arrange a couple more types so they will have something more to eat and enjoy.

8. Cheese and smoked meat: Varieties of cheese and smoked meat like turkey, pork or beef always fill the stomach and satisfy the guest especially if they are drinking wine!

9. Skewers: Chicken, red meat or vegetable or even mixed! Easy to prepare, easy to eat.

10. Sandwiches: If it is easy to arrange a portable grill, give a chance to your guests to grill their own meat and make their own favourite sandwiches. Just prepare small-size pieces of bread or flatbreads, sliced meats, and other ingredients like pickles, sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup.

11. Pizza tarts: Pizza could be your rescuer. We bet there is no one that does not like pizza. Anyone can full up with tarts or slices of pizza. Choosing colourful ingredients would make your table look more enjoyable!

12. Drinks: Cold press juices, beer, wine, sparkling water, etc.

To be honest, there are countless bite-size food items and dishes for parties. The ideal party menu is an easy thing to decide on.

With a bit of searching on the internet and talking to catering places like Smartbite, everything is possible! Just calculate the approximate budget and start from there.

* Other examples for the best Western party food alternatives; meatballs, spinach dip along with bread, cheese dip (for pizza), cheese or garlic stuffed mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, pinwheels (turkey-cream cheese, avocado-cream cheese, pepperoni-mozzarella, etc.), quesadilla, cheese covered zucchini slices (could be oven baked), shrimps, and more.

You are planning on organizing a party for expats but don't know what to order for an office party for them?

You may consider adding local food and beverage items to the existing ones. It is a good way to introduce local dishes to foreigners. But do not forget to skip the juicy ones and choose foods that everyone can eat with no effort.

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Going to order Western food online with delivery? Smartbite is here for you!

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