February 21, 2019

Thai food vs. other cuisines

Thai cuisine has its unique form among others but has some similarities at the same time. Since Thai food culture is accepted all around the world, it should be tried at least once by everyone.


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Thai food vs Chinese food

Thai cuisine is known as the national cuisine of Thailand. However, Chinese cuisine is like the mixture of different regions of China and its people. Cooking styles and flavours change according to ethnic backgrounds. Chinese food is less spicy than Thai food, for sure. Also, Chinese recipes contain more fried foods than Thai. Other than these, staple food ingredients are different from each other also. Fish sauce can be seen in almost every Thai dish, however, Chinese's inevitable ingredients are rice and meat. Rice is also a staple ingredient for Thai cuisine but it is much more in Chinese. Also, Thai cuisine contains different types of sauces that are cooked with but Chinese sauces are consumed according to taste and mostly served on the side. For the last, Thai cuisine uses more of fresh ingredients, while Chinese cuisine prefers preserved ingredients.

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Thai food vs Indian food

Even though both cuisines have their own curries and varieties of spices, the food tastes are different from each other. Also, the cooking time of Thai meals is known as too much but Indian cooking may take more period of time. Also, every food item can be found in anywhere in Thailand but in India, it is not the same. The country is divided from the middle (fictionally) and Malay influences can be seen in the Southern part of India. Other than these, we can say that Thai cuisine recipes have more seafood, noodles, and steamed food than Indian, while Indians prefer to consume more vegetables, meat, and fried food items.

Thai food vs Japanese food

Although both cuisines are Asian, there are differences seen in ingredients, flavours, cooking techniques and serving styles. For example, Thai food culture relies on spicy, salty, sour, bitter and sweet flavours but Japanese food culture is mostly focused on salty tastes. Japanese has rolls, while Thai has more curries. Also, different types of seafood can be found and used in Japanese dishes, but in Thai as seafood, prawn and crab are the most preferred ones.

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Thai food vs American food

Apart from everything, meal portions are way different than each other. As guessed, American food portion sizes are larger than Thai. Not only larger but double or triple size. Since American recipes are mostly based on stir-fried and deep-fried foods, Thai cuisine can be considered as healthy. Also, American food culture does not contain herbs and spices as much as Thai cuisine. Both cuisines use meat generously, however more fresh ingredients like vegetables are consumed in Thai cuisine. When both cuisines are compared, it is obvious that even the sauces, side dishes, desserts, and snacks are different from each other.

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Thai food vs Mexican food

Both cuisines are known with their spices, for sure. But we must say that staple ingredients of these cuisines are very different from each other. Thai cuisine cannot give up on rice, noodles, fish sauce, palm sugar while corn, mushrooms, chilli peppers, cheese, and cocoa are some of the essentials of Mexican food culture. Vegetables are very important for both however, the items are different from each other.

As can be seen, Thai cuisine has its unique form among others but has some similarities at the same time. Since Thai food culture is accepted all around the world, it should be tried at least once by everyone. Even if you prefer different ingredients in a meal, we are sure that you would find one easily according to your taste. Why don’t you order Thai food right now? Smartbite is here for you to deliver the food you like!

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