Remote Vs Office Working

During this last period, because of the Coronavirus, we all somehow experienced smart-working. Slowly we are returning to normal: the offices reopen and we are called back to work in the traditional way. But what do you think? Is it better to work at the office, together with our colleagues, or is it preferable to carry out our work tasks at home, with our desk and the resulting comforts, following our own working pace? We have tried to sum up the pros and cons: read on!


Smart Working


Here are the main advantages of working from home:

  • Less stress;

  • More time for work, but also for yourself;

  • Goodbye extra expenses such as: petrol, public transport tickets, parking, etc;

  • You don't have to punch a time card anymore;

These are just some of the benefits that you can have when working directly from home. Surely Smart Working significantly reduces the negative aspects but they are not totally eliminated.


Smart Working with the advantages we have listed above may seem like a total liberation, but you still have to deal with many other disadvantages such as continuous availability and the risk that the work overlaps with your private life. More, smart-working has a very high economic cost for the worker, whether entrepreneur or employee, despite being "at home". From a good internet connection at home to the subscriptions to the apps that allow us to communicate with the outside world work. Printers, computers and accessories register increases of up to 250%. Not all workers who can operate from home have tools provided by companies or the public administration. For professionals, for example, the purchase of tools in the Covid-19 emergency cost more than before the health emergency. In addition, other additional costs that you don't think of are air conditioning and daily food shopping. How many times do you go buy groceries and spend more than necessary, with the risk of throwing the leftovers away?

Here are other (non-economic) disadvantages:

  • Harder work;

  • Little real contact with people and loneliness during working hours;

  • Easy distractions;

  • Low interaction with the work team;

  • Unbalanced lifestyle;


At the Office


Going to work every day at the office has its advantages. Let's see what they are:

  • The comfort of being in your own studio specially equipped to allow you to work;

  • Management of your time: it's a good thing especially if you tend to procrastinate during the day. The office forces you to give yourself timetables, to respect certain deadlines without continuous postponements;

  • Cooperation: you learn to live with different personalities, increasing your teamwork skills. Having the opportunity to share the office with other colleagues, it also becomes a resource for growth: it happens to ask for advice, to confront each other, to clash and inevitably to grow and learn something new;

In general, we can say that if you are at the office, you are constantly breathing the philosophy of your company and you can better understand its aspects, thus optimizing your productivity, which benefits the company but also you.


Working at the office is also about dealing with the negative aspects.

  • Static way of spending the day. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours encourages a sedentary lifestyle and can mean the onset of psycho-physical problems;

  • Reduction of your creativity: conditioning reflects on your clothing (not being able to wear what you want), on the way you behave (limiting expansiveness or forcing you to relate even when you don't want to), on productivity (you may be more efficient during non-working hours);

  • It depends on authorizations and requests: if you need to be absent for a few hours or more and you can't decide to do it when an urgent or unforeseen event occurs;

In short, whether it's in the office or outdoors or at your desk at home, any job has both negative and positive aspects. How to choose? Put all the considerations on the scale and choose according to the importance you attach to each aspect. Being able to do a job you like is probably the most reliable yardstick!

The SmartBite Team

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