Post Coronavirus Plan For Restaurants

As the return to office begins, we are all wondering, despite coronavirus, about how to treat food at your restaurant and at customers’ workplaces.
Here are some practical tips to explain to restaurant owners how to manage the post-crisis situation!


Everyone prefers to eat together. Take into consideration that, after the lockdown, people will decide to eat in common areas even more than before. Pay attention to the policies and consult local, state, and federal guidelines for catering.


Consider guidelines provided for social distance when setting up meeting rooms and meals for businesses. People have to maintain social distancing for safety!


SmartBite provides individual packaged meals. Individually packaged catering allows people to quickly grab their meals and exit the serving area.

  • Create individually packaged meals like boxed lunches and snacks for tea break;
  • Rotate out serving utensils;
  • Get disposable plates and cutlery;

People will be ordering more and more food delivery, instead of going out to eat. Get your restaurant organized accordingly!


The website must necessarily be performing, i.e., it must be easily reachable by the potential audience, and turn the user into a customer who really comes to eat in your restaurant. Evaluate every aspect, from graphics to text content, from loading speed to ease of access to essential information, up to usability from mobile devices. Provide at least these sections: menu with a dedicated page, times and location, a map showing where you are and directions to reach you, and the contact page with telephone, e-mail, and links to social profiles.


When it will be possible to reopen, plan sponsored posts on Facebook, or, even better, professional campaigns in which you can target your audience more precisely, optimizing your budget, and even proposing promotions reserved for those who follow your pages. You could also make "promo of the day", inviting users to come to you for lunch or dinner on a specific day, to take advantage of a discount or receive a gift (a special cake etc.). For anyone working in the food sector, it is essential to be on Instagram as well, but remember that for this social network, if you want to be successful you need more emotional content. The photos must be very beautiful and studied, the goal is to make them evocative of the strengths of the restaurant. For those who do not yet have a large and loyal audience, it is important to use the short cut of the campaigns with sponsored posts and stories, which will be truly effective only if they include a unique proposal and a more sophisticated customer acquisition strategy.


Enhance the descriptions of each individual dish to "sell" it even better before the room attendant arrives to take the order, or to make you want to try it to those who are reading it on your website. You share on your social profiles short videos, in which you tell the special dishes of your restaurant, show some stages of their preparation, and the final result.

The SmartBite Team

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