Since breakfast is a very important meal, there is no standard but many alternatives to start the day. If you are in a rush or do not want to spend time in the kitchen preparing it, you can always order breakfast online!

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Nasi lemak, nasi lemak, nasi lemak!

We see and hear it everywhere, right? This is absolutely the most preferred meal as breakfast in Malaysia. It gets its flavor from the rice which is cooked with coconut milk or cream. The typical version consists of fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, boiled egg, and well-known sambal sauce. We say typical because there are many versions of this traditional meal. It can be served with additional ingredients such as fried chicken, fish, curry, vegetables (as a vegetarian option) or with a fried egg instead of hard-boiled. Haven’t you tried it yet? Then order nasi lemak online now!

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Kaya toast

If you cannot give up the combination of butter and bread, then this popular toast is for you! It also includes sweet jam and served with soft-boiled eggs. This one could become your favorite and you may enjoy it while sipping your tea or coffee.

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Roti canai

Even though many variations of roti is available, this one should be the first to try if you have not had any. This Indian-influenced thin and empty bread is usually served with curry but also with meat, eggs or cheese if you would like to.

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Dim sum

This popular breakfast style is mostly preferred on weekends. Each food is served in bamboo steamer baskets and food items are either steamed or fried. Besides, they are all bite-sized and easy to eat at the same time.

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Noodle soup

If you like to have warm or hot meals at breakfast, this option will fulfill your needs. With many alternatives available, you may even have a different one on each day. The clear soup is nutritious and might increase your energy during the day. In case, most Chinese people prefer to have noodle soup in the mornings. Any kind of noodle soup can also be ordered online.

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Even though the most preferred styles are boiled or fried, many variations can be found throughout the country such as poached and scrambled. If you order soft or semi-boiled eggs, you will see that the eggs are served in their own shells along with soy sauce, and white peppers on the side.

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Teh tarik

For the last but not least, this morning drink is literally means pulled tea. It is basically black tea with condensed milk. The name comes from the making process as it has to be pulled during preparation. If you have not had any, you should drink one right now to boost your energy!

The richness of Malay cuisine can be seen at any kind of meal of the day. According to your taste, we are sure that you will find your favorite ones and still enjoy the rest. Please note that Malay breakfasts are not only based on the above alternatives. There are many other options such as cooked oats, you char kway, buns, stir-fried noodles, rendang chicken rice and much more.

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