How to have more bookings through social medias? As restaurateur, you need to learn how to use these technologic tools strategically. Social medias have become one of the strengths of SmartBite: that's why we want to give you some advice on how to create or implement a social media marketing strategy to bring more customers into your restaurant and increase your revenue. By following these simple tips, you will be able to see great results! First of all:

  1. Take advantage of Social Media to get to know your customers better;

  2. Be inspired by what the big chains do on Social Media:

  3. Monitor competitors' social channels;

Catering marketing’s rules have changed today. Nowadays, billboards and advertisements in the local press and radio are outdated: social media have become the priority for the development of a restaurant and they have become indispensable advertising tools. Think about your customers: 45% of them, before choosing a restaurant, carefully read reviews, do geo-localized research on Instagram, and they are constantly influenced by social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Restaurants today have multiple challenges and it is necessary to propose and sell a real experience, not a simple product or service. It's not just a matter of using attractive images, but addressing a specific audience and establishing a relationship with your clients.


About your restaurant:

Insert on your social media “about us” section and tell your customers which kind of cuisine you offer. 80% of the customer's attention falls on what is on their plate: so tell them what you’re going to serve, and describe the dishes on your menu. It can make a great difference. Remember that words stimulate attention and appetite!

  • Use short sentences;

  • Be specific telling your clients what kind of cuisine or catering you propone;

  • Provide a detailed description of each dish;

Focus on food:

Be specific. Let the customer know if your dishes are low calorie, gluten-free, or suitable for vegetarians or vegans. This way, you will give visibility to the dishes. Today, consumers are more sensitive to what they eat, and more and more people follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle: this is why it is important to highlight the characteristics of the dishes and highlight the qualities of each recipe. Emphasize the use of organic or local raw materials, seasonality and freshness of the products: these are all strong points that will help your business growing.

Make table reservations easy with Facebook:

Make the most important information about your restaurant visible on social media: phone number, email, and links to your food delivery partners, making it easy for your customers to order dishes or request information. On average, an interested customer stays on your social media for 11 seconds before looking for another restaurant. Make sure that in that fraction of time, the customer can find all the information they need. Social media is the future and above all, it is the reference point of the millennials, which today controls trends, so try to make yourself as attractive to them as possible. Include the restaurant menu in your social channels, clearly showing the price range of the dishes, so that your customers can always be updated. Facebook offers a new tool to encourage bookings directly from the social channel: insert the "Book Now" button, which links customers to the restaurant's website, where they can book a table or place an order online. Besides, Facebook ads are very useful in times when your restaurant has fewer customers. To reach the public, work on defined customer profiles: by targeting the audience you will be able to reach the people most interested in your type of restaurant.

Be different:

Your goal must be to differentiate your restaurants from all the others in Kuala Lumpur, by offering a special service that other restaurants do not offer. Give your customers the chance to try something new, or to experience a unique service. You will convince them to book a table. Use all the social channels you have: on our blog, you can find more tips on how to use Instagram at its best. Take advantage of all the tips that SmartBite offers you to always have fashionable profiles!

Make your customers feel part of your business!

Encouraging user-generated content is one of the paths that all restaurants should take. This way, your customers will be your brand ambassadors! Encourage the production of user-generated content by also reporting official hashtags within the restaurant and asking your customers to share the content on their social media. Involve them by offering small contests with prizes, vouchers or discount vouchers! Find out how SmartBite can help you sending an email to

Inside the kitchen

Everyone is intrigued to see what goes on in the kitchen, or how a dish is prepared: to involve your customers, take photos or videos of the chef while he is cooking, tell the steps for the preparation of a dish, or show the local products of your suppliers. All these techniques are easy to apply and at the same time bring great results. You will involve your customers creating a lasting relationship: make them feel part of your business!


With SmartBite, you can reach a wider range of customers and get more feedback: we boast thousands of followers on all platforms and we want to give you the chance to be taken inside this great world!

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  • Selling with SmartBite will not hinder your restaurant’s operations. Prepare meals during your off-peak hours to maximize productivity.

  • We invest in marketing and technology to reach your most ambitious goals. Reach thousands of active users, today!


• Transparency. Prices equal to our vendors. No markups;

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• Cost Control: we provide visibility to companies on how much they spend.

• No more politics and full transparency;

• Feedback and Data: you will be able to check previous customers' feedback and other variables to decide which vendor is the best for you;

• Account Management and Customer Service: we are obsessed with our customers’ happiness and we always look for improving our customers’ experience;

Increase sales and revenue from day one in the smartest way possible! Get a free demo now!

The SmartBite Team.

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