How to Become a Food Blogger?


If in the past we used old cookbooks, mother's suggestions, or grandmother's advice to cook delicious traditional dishes, today with the advent of social networks and the latest technologies we can rely on the recipes and dishes we find on the web in cooking blogs. Food bloggers are chefs and culinary enthusiasts who share their recipes on their website, accompanied by photos and/or videos that illustrate precisely all the steps to follow during the preparation of a gourmet dish.


Everything about cooking is about sharing and involving the senses. If you want to become a successful food blogger, you need to bring internet users into your culinary world and show them a range of features. Here are the rules to follow:

  • Experiment with new recipes, or order new dishes and get started;

  • Know the ingredients;

  • Update and specialize by attending training courses;

  • Start by expressing your thoughts on plates and on nutritional values of the dishes you order with the delivery service;

  • Be careful with the aesthetics of the dish;

  • Build your own identity on the web to set yourself apart from your competitors;

  • Choose your target audience;

  • Tell a captivating story about your experience with a certain dish;

  • Take pictures and make videos of interesting dishes;

  • Take into consideration communication strategies and SEO techniques;

  • Promote posts on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube;

  • Interact on social media with your followers through comments, videos and stories;


To become a food blogger you must first have a passion for cooking. The curiosity to try new dishes and new traditions must be the main driving force of this profession. Finally, you have to know how to juggle a little with camera and photography tools. Start planning your agenda according to anniversaries and holidays: propose recipes and group them by theme: one post per week will be enough to get you started. When you feel you have the confidence you need, follow your instincts and publish according to the mood of the day.

Social media are the key. At the moment, the most followed social and creating more interaction with the public is Instagram, which introducing the Stories and IGTV has also approached the world of video. It is very easy to manage in everyday life and allows you to have direct contact with the people you want to reach. Try to build the loyalty and passion of your audience by sharing content created with passion: tell about yourself and do not create a life that does not belong to you. And above all, share a message and content that can teach you something. Food design will be your mantra. As for photography, remember some basic elements, such as light and framing. The dish and the layout of the food play a key role. They are important: colors, textures and shapes. Also, don't forget to explore the kitchens and gourmet recipes: they never go out of fashion!

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Food delivery is growing rapidly worldwide and its spread is no longer limited to the family sector. The rise of digital technology has redesigned the way SmartBite works and consumers expect us to be as practical and transparent as they are used to when making any other online purchases through apps or websites. Food delivery has become a mass phenomenon, even in the workplace: you rely on us because we offer a convenient service and allow you to save time and money.

Think about it, you're in the office, on your lunch break, placing an order on our platform. How often do you take a picture of your food and send it to a friend? How many times do you share it in the Instagram stories? These are the first steps, but we want and we can take you further. Why don't you keep posting, but with a clear goal in mind? Many food bloggers collaborate with food companies, in perfect line with the principles of collaborative marketing, not only in the promotion phase but already upstream of the production process, when it comes to identifying purchasing trends and consumer tastes. The multiplication of events in the sector and for people working in the sector has inevitably seen them as protagonists, in some cases assuming the role that had been the most traditional responsible for PR activities, even going so far as to cover roles as food ambassadors and official food bloggers of some brands. Consider the incredible attention that is given to food and recipes today: the more you share your favorite dishes, giving advice and information about the meal you have chosen, the more people will rely on you in the choice.

We offer you to do it with the support of SmartBite, which boasts thousands of followers on all platforms and gives you the chance to be taken inside this great world. If you want to try, here are the first steps to follow:

Place an order with us: choose a dish that you think is in fashion right now, to attract people's interest.

Take a picture of your order and post it on Instagram: write down the characteristics of the dish, the ingredients of the recipe and what you liked best.

Give a personal evaluation, from the taste of the meal or recipe to the delivery service. Invent a personal way of doing it: use stars or a personal ranking. Be original and you'll attract even more attention!

Tag Us: this way we will be able to republish your photo and keep an eye on you as a judge of our services and offers.

We are a strong and young team, we all work with passion and curiosity and we are always looking for new ways to collaborate with you. SmartBite exists thanks to you: with your help and dedication, we are sure that we’ll keep improving!

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