How to use brand packaging to build brand loyalty?

We know it can often be challenging to attract and retain customers, but there’s one way a business can make the purchase feel special and this is how you actually package their order, both with the materials you use to ship and what you put inside the package.

Packaging is the first thing that you see and feel when it comes to finding a product: it must be bright and make you feel comfortable. Everyone is hit by its graphic, by its image, you mind how you feel when you take it and how comfortable it is when you have it in your hands. Packaging must be really safe: its figure and its safety are the key components to create a good relation with customers.

More, packaging influences consumer decisions: 70% of consumers agree that when selecting which products to buy, they’re often influenced by the material they’re packaged, and 63% of consumer said that paper and cardboard packaging makes a product seem premium or high quality. 

Packaging industry studies report that your box forms a first impression within 100 milliseconds and will remain intact even when contradicted by actual facts. Make their first impression a good one!

As retailer, you need to maximize customer buy-in through positive experiences. Here’s some tips for you:

  • The face of your brand: focus on simplicity with your packaging choices, opting for spontaneous designs and colors that straightly communicate your brand and product message to your target consumer, whether you’re selling essential household products or luxury items.

  • What’s inside matters: think about how to maximize the unwrapping of products through easy-to-open packaging .

  • The quality: a quality packaged product instantly gives even everyday products a more high-end feel, making them more appealing to shoppers. More, from a practical point of view, premium packaging choices will ensure your products remain intact during transportation, reaching the end user exactly how they’re supposed to appear. 

  • Think about the environment: many consumers are becoming more eco-conscious, and they avoid products and brands that are not in line with their own eco-friendly values. 68% of consumers said they were most likely to buy something in a paper or cardboard package if given the choice between paper or plastic.

  • "Unboxing" counts: ensure the unwrapping experience is exciting without compromising the integrity of the product during shipping.

  • Use your logo design: add your company logo to your shipping labels, buy logo-branded packaging tape and customize boxes and shipping envelopes.

These packaging efforts require minimal resources on your part, but can make a huge difference to your customers!

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