Everything You Need To Know About A Good Restaurant Manager

Finding the perfect manager is one of the most critical tasks within restaurant management, as the skills required of such a figure embrace every activity. The work of the Restaurant Manager can be considered the crowning achievement of a career in the restaurant industry. It is a role of great responsibility in the F&B world because 70% of a restaurant's success is due to the skills of the Restaurant Manager and his strategic decisions. The activities are very varied and in an extremely dynamic context: managing a restaurant business is a challenging business project.

The Professional Figure of a Restaurant Leader:

First of all, he is the chief of the whole restaurant team: he motivates workers towards the company's productivity goals and takes care of the staff. He must ensure that there are enough employees to ensure smooth operation of the company, both in the kitchen and in the dining room. He organizes the work of the chef, cooks and dishwashers, maître and waiters, hostesses and barmen: it sets expectations for staff performance and customer service, assigns tasks and shifts and schedules holidays. He also ensures that the staff in the dining room and kitchen comply with workplace health and safety regulations. But he also does a lot of other things too.


The restaurant manager carries out the typical tasks of a recruiter: he publishes the job offers, selects the candidates, negotiates the contractual aspects, and then manages the staff training.


Another important task of the Restaurant Manager is to manage the budget, monitor the economic, and financial performance of the business and keep the accounts under control. In addition to establishing the dishes, he also decides on the price of the dishes, to ensure that the management of the restaurant is economically sustainable: i.e. that the income is sufficient to keep the restaurant accounts in surplus.


The Manager of the restaurant also plays a key role in planning and implementing marketing and communication strategies to gain more market share and differentiate the offer compared to its competitors.


The Restaurant Manager is also in the front row as far as the relationship with the customer is concerned. The clientele, especially the loyal ones who return often, is the real wealth of a restaurant: it is therefore very important to discover the needs of the public and find the right approach to make customers satisfied with their experience in the restaurant. If unforeseen situations arise, such as delays or service errors, and you have to deal with the complaints of a not satisfied customer, as the restaurant manager you must intervene quickly to resolve the problem and ensure that the inconvenience does not damage the restaurant and its reputation.


Restaurant Manager’s Principal Roles and Tasks:

• Handling the restaurant business from an economic viewpoint;

• Check the menu with the chef;

• Organize duties, transitions, plans and holidays for the employees;

• Restaurant staff pick, recruit, and supervise all activities;

• Supervises all operations in the dining room and the kitchen;

• Check stocks and place orders for food and drink, equipment and supplies;

• Ensuring excellent customer service and handling customer feedback and complaints;

• Verify that hygiene and safety regulations are respected;

The Skills of a Restaurant Manager:

• Competence in the accounting and administrative management of a restaurant activity;

• Staff management skills;

• Marketing knowledge;

• Competence in customer service;

• Knowledge of health and food safety regulations;

• Organizational skills;

• Entrepreneurial mindset and result orientation;

• Sense of initiative and decision-making skills;

• Problem solving;

• Stress resistance;


When you are looking for a manager for your restaurant, tell the applicants some of the restaurant’s main characteristics, such as its philosophy and business style, to attract the profiles that best suit the restaurant. Defining the appropriate profile in advance helps you to optimize the candidate selection!

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