Customer Service vs Customer Experience

Customer service and customer experience are often mixed or confused: actually, they’re different things but strictly connected at the same time. The distinction is that while customer service is one piece of the machine, focused on human interaction and serving directly customers, customer experience is the sum of the whole customer journey with your company, whatever company you’re managing. They have always existed. Retailers serve people, and people prefer to spend their money with those who treat them in the best way and give them memorable experiences.


More than half of consumers expect customer service to reply in less than one hour, even on weekends. 76% of consumers believe that companies should straightly understand their needs. Last year, 33% of customers who ended their relationship with a company did so because the service wasn’t adequately personalized.

These reasons below are the most common ones why customers come back to the same place to buy something:

  • Your service is fast

  • The quality is good

  • Your company is user friendly

  • Your price is competitive

But what really does the difference? The service they offer. And this is a very valuable way for you to build your business.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: It is the support and advice provided to a customer for your product or service. This method is reactive to something, but it’s all about providing simple customer problem-solving service. When you start handling your clients differently, making them feel like individuals, personalizing your service to them, calling them by their names, remembering their orders and favorite foods, you carry the customer service to another level: the customer experience starts there.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: It refers to the broader client journey through the company and involves any interaction between the customer and the business. This process is proactive: it converts people into VIP. It’s the way your customer is handled, and everything is in the details: these elements make the difference that gets you from A to B. The more people you take from customer service to customer experience, the better you will be at your business. These people will come back to you, tell other people about you and they’ll become your best recruiters. It’s the customer experience that is getting the customers back.


Analyze what makes you back to the same places.

Why you go back to some restaurants? What’s the difference between your favorite one and the others? What makes you feel a different customer when you go there? If you’re a restaurant owner, what can you do to take your customer service to a different level? What can you do to promote more people from regular to VIP customers and add customer experience to your business? Now, select the reasons in your answers and try to apply them to your business. You will switch from a simple service to a real experience and that is going to make you a lot of money: more people will ask to do business with you, food delivery companies will call you asking you to become their partner.

Be Customer Centric. Below the must-have elements:

  • Relevance: offer to your customer what he wants when he needs it.

  • Reliability and Consistency: work on the efficiency of your system and on the culture of your organization. And, of course, keep the brand promise.

  • Responsiveness: listen to your customer’s needs, understand them, and act to solve their issues at your best.

  • Convenience: be where the customer needs you. Listen to your client not to merely answer, but with the intent to understand their problems, and with the goal to improve your service.

Make your clients happy!

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The SmartBite Team.

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