The unique tastes of Malaysian desserts can be discovered as well, and should. Also, you may enjoy having any of it at home, your office or anywhere you would prefer by ordering online!

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1. Ais Kacang

It is not hard to find this local colorful dessert. From street vendors to restaurants, it is everywhere! This fresh treat is also known as iced beans or shaved ice. The original ais kacang was made of shaved ice and red beans but now in addition to red beans, the main ingredients for the most variants are palm seed, sweet corn, grass jelly, and peanuts. Furthermore, uncommon ingredients are aloe vera and ice cream. Condensed or coconut milk is poured on top of this small-mountain-shape dessert along with different kinds of syrups.

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2. Goreng Pisang

These deep-fried banana fritters get its popularity by the crispiness on the outside and mildness on the inside. This feasible common snack can be found anywhere on the streets of Malaysia.

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3. Cendol

Even people get shocked when first see it, these green jelly noodles are well known in Asia region. In addition to palm sugar syrup and coconut milk, some toppings might be added like red beans, corn, durian and ice cream.

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4. Bubur Cha Cha

This sweet potato-based snack is also eaten during breakfast time. It gets colorful with the ingredients of sago, yams, coconut milk, peas, and pandan leaves. Coconut cream can also be added to enrich this already-enriched flavor.

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5. Apam Balik

Commonly-known pancakes are mostly found on street vendors. After adding the peanuts inside, this crispy dessert can be mouth-watering.

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6. Pulut Hitam

This fulfilling pudding is made of black sticky rice and palm sugar. To enrich the flavor more, a small amount of coconut milk is poured over just before serving.

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7. Kuih Dadar

Very well-known bite-sized snack is usually preferred during the day. The coconuts inside and the green colored pancakes outside are a perfect combination with one another. Just to inform, the green color comes from pandan juice.

8. Sago Gula Melaka

This sweet sago-based pudding has many varieties in different cuisines. The Malaysian way has gula maleka (palm sugar syrup) and coconut milk, of course.

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9. Durian Cake

Since some meals and desserts can be made with the king of fruits, one of the most enjoyable version could be a durian cake. You should not miss it especially if you are a cake-lover. It comes with its creamy texture along with chocolate. Even the presentation of this cake is satisfying.

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10. Kuih Seri Muka

Did you know that this dessert was chosen as one of 100 Malaysian heritage food by the Malaysian Department of National Heritage? This coconut milk-based green-white dessert has a creamy texture and may address to anybody’s taste.

When you are going to order your next meal online, do not forget to add a local dessert to your order just to taste!

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