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Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin declared the novel coronavirus outbreak was under control and Malaysia will begin a new phase of recovery until 31 August. So, in Malaysia, MCO strategy has been effective but is not sustainable in the long-run because it hurts the economy and businesses. It has to be done in stages and with all Malaysians acting responsibly, keeping vigilance and strict discipline to soften our lockdown.


During the worst days of this pandemic, we’ve all been forces to stay at home, but it can’t become the normal for prolonged periods: the consensus is that not everyone can swing to a home run office and stay efficient. Working remotely works for the IT and services sectors, but what about factory workers, waiters, drivers and all the other employees who are unable to work from home? And there is some reluctance even among those where any part of the job can be performed remotely. Many surveys show that only large companies tool telework, and only 40% of businesses were willing to let employees work from home. Most have returned to the workplace but businesses still allow those who need to work from home to do so. For many Asian countries, it seems that technology clearly cannot sustain a wholesale change to working from home despite patchy phone signals and sometimes poor internet. Asian work culture often tends to in-person interactions, so the desire to leave home is often convincing.


Life at home during lockdown has been very difficult for everyone. Workers who live alone complain about the emotional slog of imposed isolation, while those with children find it doubly exhausting to manage childcare, homeschooling and their jobs. Sometimes it's difficult to focus on work while family is also at home. Most workers are eager to go back to the office as soon as possible. Most of those who work in Malaysia from home are in high-paid sectors such as information and communication. Food and beverage, restaurateurs, agriculture, transportation and storage are less represented. Malaysia's Khazanah Research Institute noted that requiring companies to adjust work-from-home arrangements could potentially exacerbate inequality as the alternative favors those who are highly skilled and already receive significant pay, with the self-employed among the most disadvantaged.



A lot of Malaysian companies are slowly sending their employees back to the office as the world reopens. Businesses and organizations will consider how to adjust to ensure secure physical distance: we need a solid and strong routine that pays attention to details and becomes the new normality to all of us. At the moment, one of their biggest challenges is related to food, because they have to ensure safe and convenient access to food for the employees every day. Now, SmartBite also helps leading businesses get COVID-smart meals for internal meetings, sales calls, training events and lunch for employees. We are recommending an entire strategy to working food. Read on!


Many enterprises ask their employees to stay in the office once they arrive. Employees venturing out for lunch face long waiting for elevators with limited capacity, and potentially long exposure at congested restaurants.

  • Staff should be encouraged to order packed food and eat at their own work station. We recommend food deliveries, and to place orders in a single group, one shot.

If you have common eating areas, think about social distancing, because you can’t eat or drink while wearing a mask.

  • Limit group size, arrange common areas for appropriate social distance and stagger lunch times so fewer employees simultaneously use break rooms, kitchens or other eating areas;

  • Organize your office with plastic dividers if you don’t have enough space;


It’s very important to keep the office clean, especially the common food areas. We recommend you to disinfect them at least every two hours.

  • Ask your company to provide disinfecting wipes, so you can sanitize the table every time you finish your meal;

  • Ask your company to provide disposable cutlery;

  • Don’t eat with your hands: they are never 100% clean, so you would risk to bring to your mouth bad bacteria;


Businesses usually offer food to employees and visitors in support of particular meetings or activities. Companies also ordered lunches, breakfasts, tea breaks and other meals as a perk. Now, you need to think even more about health and risk reduction. With SmartBite, you can have safe access to meals at work: we offer versatile, affordable, safe and easy solutions for you.


Most of the orders placed now on our platform are individually packaged food. Companies can arrange meals for the entire office with corporate catering solutions such as SmartBite, and payment can be fully company-carried. Individually packaged meals (such as bento and lunch boxes) are perfect to keep social distancing: no shared cutlery and people eat in their personal dish. Let your company know about it!


You can place orders by organizing yourselves and letting us know what your preferences are. Our team will advise you and assist you from the choice of food to delivery!


We are a customer-first company that works with selected caterers and restaurants to provide our customers with the best possible dining experience. Our mission is to enable everyone to easily order catering online.We make it easy for you to find food for any budget, event, group size or dietary need and taste.

  • Transparency. Prices equal to our vendors. No markups;

  • Safety and Hygiene: our vendors are professional and they enforce safety;

  • Cost Control: we provide visibility to companies on how much they spend.

  • No more politics and full transparency;

  • Feedback and Data: you will be able to check previous customers' feedback and other variables to decide which vendor is the best for you;

  • Account Management and Customer Service: we are obsessed with our customers’ happiness and we always look for improving our customers’ experience;

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