Here are some best tasting Korean food that you should have at least once when dining outside or ordering online with a delivery;


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- Tteok: These traditional rice cakes are served both as a snack or dessert especially during holidays and festivals. Rice cakes can be made from pounded rice, pounded glutinous rice or glutinous rice. It is served with filled sweetened mung bean paste, mashed red beans, raisins, and a sweet filling mixture (made of pumpkin, beans, honey, and jujubes). Variations exist with different types of ingredients such as sweetened sesame, honey, pine nut, chestnut, etc.


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- Kkaennip Jeon: As known as perilla leave dumplings. It is a stir-fried recipe with pork and vegetables. If you would like to have rice on the side, then it may become a main dish. The filling mixture is made with red peppers, minced pork, and rice wine with seasoning it with salt & pepper to taste. After coating the perilla leaves with flour, it stuffed with the mixture and then pan-fried only for 2-3 minutes. A dipping sauce may be offered also. Yum!

Main courses:

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- Samgyeopsal: This grilled pork-belly food is very popular and also celebrated every year on the third day of March as Samgyeopsal Day. Traditionally, when dining outside, the pork is served raw to the table in order to be cooked and cut with scissors at the table and eaten directly. Garlic, onions, green chilli peppers, mushrooms, and kimchi are usually cooked next to samgyeopsal with the use of its fat. It is eaten by wrapping the meat into vegetable leaves. Also, rice can be served as a side dish.

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- Bulgogi: Is known as a grilled or stir-fried dish. It is usually made with slices of beef but can also be found with pork or chicken. The meat should be marinated with a mixture before cooking. The mixture contains soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, black pepper, onions, and scallions. According to the region, sometimes cellophane noodles are added or it is served with leafy vegetables or ssamjang (spicy paste) on the side.

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- Gogigui: The Korean barbeque. If you have a barbeque in a restaurant, note that at least 2 plates of the same meat type should be ordered. Unfortunately, you cannot order only 1 plate. But if you are a meat-lover, we assume that this is not a problem! Having a barbeque is very common in Korea with types of side dishes and other tastes like green leaves, garlic, pepper, and chilli paste in order to make wraps.

Side dishes:

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- Kimchi: The dish kimchi stands for chilli pickled cabbage. It can be found almost in every dining place next to every meal and its price is very suitable. There are many variations of Kimchi, however, the most commonly preferred is the one made with napa cabbage. The taste is enriched with chilli powder, garlic, ginger, scallions, and salted seafood (jeotgal). Varieties can be changed according to season and region such as bossamkimchi (wrapped), dongchimi (without spice, watery texture), pakimchi (spicy green onion), gatkimchi (with Indian mustard), and hundreds of more.

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- Sundubu jjigae: This stew is made with soft tofu, kimchi soup, and an egg on top. It is usually served with steamed rice and pickled vegetables on the side. Sometimes mushrooms, onions, and pieces of seafood are added at the same time. It goes well when having a cold day outside!

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- Doenjang jjigae: Which are a soybean paste and seafood stew. It has variations that change according to the season. Besides the vegetables, most likely used ingredients are both fish and tofu. The fish can be either saltwater or freshwater.


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- Hangwa: Actually, it is a term used for all types of Korean confectioneries. The ingredients usually are flour, honey, yeot (made of rice and other ingredients), and sugar or fruits. There are some varieties including boiled, stir-fried, and more. Shapes and ingredients change according to taste and availability.

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