8 Reasons to Use a Tiffin!

The Origins and the Structure:

The term originated during the days of the British Raj, and was used to refer to afternoon tea. Today, the word tiffin is became synonymous of lunchbox but in India it is used for afternoon snacks or for the sweet treats. Tiffins are now in all shapes and sizes, but they are usually round, with three or four stacking compartments of stainless steel tightly sealed with a tight-fitting lid and a side clip and handle for holding on top. The bottom layer of the carrier usually includes the meal’s starch, which is mostly bread, naan, or rice. The next layer would contain a salad or pickle to eat with carbo, and the third layer would contain the proteins, such as curry. In India, home-cooked food is the favorite: lunch is usually eaten thali-style, with a selection of regional delicacies that can include any combination of spicy vegetables, rice, yogurt, pickles, bread, and pudding served on a big steel plate or a banana leaf. The main benefit of the Tiffin type carriers is to keep the foods apart, in a stable bag, to avoid soggy or smash your lunch until you can eat it. They come in versions of 2, 3, or 4 layer styles, usually made from stainless steel.


Tiffin Carriers Throughout Southeast Asia:

Lunch boxes, bento, or tiffin... all names for the same item! Large or small, with more or fewer compartments, in plastic or aluminum, colored or with a more serious style. Some are equipped with small cutlery, others have a hermetic closure. Given the time caused by Coronavirus, for some people, canteens and restaurants are not reassuring enough.

Tiffin carriers are now used throughout Southeast Asia as a way for office workers to eat home-cooked, or even restaurant-delivery meals, and the separate compartments in the tiffin accommodate lunches and snacks perfectly. Nowadays, taking lunch to work has become almost a necessity if you want to eat healthy but especially if you want to save money. If you are not lucky enough to have a company canteen, just get organized and bring a lunch box with your favorite foods from home. Bringing food from home allows you to meet all our dietary needs, especially for those who follow a specific diet or those with intolerances. So, if during the week you don’t eat lunch at home, read on!

What Are the Advantages of the Tiffin?

• It allows you to keep your diet under control, particularly in terms of calorie control;

• You can change food every day! On Monday Indian food, on Tuesday tacos...

• It's more hygienic than what's cooked at the restaurant;

• It's healthier because you directly control all the steps of food preparation;

• You support the environment by not using disposable packages every day;

• You save money, compared to restaurant/take away lunch;

• Use the different compartments for the different meals of the day: put a mid-morning snack in the lower compartment, lunch in the middle, and the afternoon snack in the top compartment;

• Reuse your leftover from the previous day: you will save time and avoid food waste;

Check out the Tiffin of Chef Wan!

The SmartBite Team.

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