Even though Malaysian food culture belongs to Asian cuisine, Western cuisine is popularly consumed at the same time in Malaysia. From street food to fine dining, there are many restaurants and eateries exist within the country. Also, ordering Western food online with delivery is much preferred as well as other cuisines.

Unfortunately, we cannot explain each and every Western dish here because the varieties are endless! So, let’s look at some recommended and delicious examples of Western food culture in Kuala Lumpur;

1. Salads

Numerous alternatives can be created with different types of ingredients and dressings. In Western cuisine, salads can be consumed as an appetizer, main course or side dish. No matter which, it is satisfying.

Salads with bacon, salmon, beef or chicken are the most popular examples of Western food culture. In fact, the most preferred one could be the Ceaser salad. The chicken is the same as always but the key point of this salad is dressing. Basically, it contains garlic, mustard, vinegar, salt, and mayonnaise.

If you are going to make one at home, do not forget to put the croutons on top!

If you like to mix Western with Malaysian, here are some tips to make it more delicious;

  • Green or red cabbage instead of green leaves
  • Tofu instead of meat products
  • Adding grains like chickpeas
  • Adding nuts like cashew or walnut
  • Trying out different dressings such as spicy ginger & lime, pumpkin with turmeric, etc. instead of olive oil & lemon

2. Sandwiches

Many places are available in Kuala Lumpur, especially for sandwiches. It is easy to make, easy to deliver, cheap, and well preferred at any age.

Westerns mostly prefer to eat sandwiches in the morning or at lunch. Turkey ham sandwich, chicken breast sandwich, double egg sandwich, and vegetarian sandwich alternatives could be the most eaten types in Kuala Lumpur. They are usually served in rectangle cut toast bread.

Consuming cold or warm is totally up to you. Besides the main ingredient; ham, cheese, green leaves, thin sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, mayonnaise, mustard, or some other products are often found in Western-style recipes.

3. Wraps

Brown rice quinoa mushroom wrap, tofu wrap, nasi lemak wrap, chicken breast or thigh wrap, avocado wrap, and quinoa lemak wrap are definitely the most satisfying wraps in KL because generally they are preferred at any time of the day but usually during day time.

Have you ever considered making a wrap with an omelet instead of flatbread? With choosing your favourite breakfast ingredients and wrapping them into an omelette is a great idea plus, fun to make!

4. Pasta

Italy originated pasta has always accepted with open arms in Malaysia since types of noodles do already exist in Malaysian cuisine.

Making pasta is always easy to cook and adjust according to taste. Ingredients and sauce alternatives are countless and can be adapted to every diet easily. Do not forget to spread over some parmesan cheese on top when eating!

- Types of pasta: spaghetti, ravioli (with stuffing), lasagne, tagliatelle, penne, and more. - Types of ingredients: Beef, chicken, pork, salmon, seafood, cheese, vegetables, etc. - Types of sauces: Bolognese (tomato), garlic, heavy crème, pesto, etc.

Hungry for a pasta meal? Why don't you try mushroom chicken chop spaghetti?

5. Burgers

Traditionally Western style hamburgers are served with french fries on the side. It is very typical to eat the fries by dipping them into ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, or barbeque sauce.

Most preferred hamburgers are made with minced beef. Melted cheese, caramelized or regular onions, pickles or mushrooms can be added in a regular hamburger. They are also preferred with chicken breast or fish, instead of meat.

6. Doughnuts

Is also spelt as a donut and known as Malaysians' most preferred Western dessert. It is definitely the number one choice, especially for pastry lovers. Smartbite can deliver doughnuts with online orders as well as other western deserts.

Most common types are rings, holes, and filled. It is a type of fried dough, either made plain or with different types of fillings. Hole ones are generally smaller than ring-type.

Fillings can be chocolate, jelly, coconut, “Boston” cream, and key lime. Filled doughnuts are generally dipped into powdered sugar or topped with frosting.

Looking for the best Western food in Kuala Lumpur? There are many items available according to your taste with one click away! If you would like to order Western food online with delivery, Smartbite is here for you!

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