5 Innovative Technologies For Restaurants

More and more consumers want to be able to use the new technologies also in shops and bars. After all, technology is now part of our lives and the daily use we make of it has changed many of our habits. It's no wonder, then, that customers expect to see these innovations introduced into their businesses as well, places where they buy goods and services that are essential to them. In particular, one of the areas in which people are eager to see this kind of innovation is the catering industry. The improvements that customers have come to expect from the use of new technologies on-premises. Among them, for example, there were:

  • faster orders;

  • new methods and faster account payment;

  • entertainment while waiting for the meals you ordered;

There is no lack of innovative ideas and solutions that point in this direction!

Here Are Some Of The Most Interesting


It is based on giving customers the possibility to place their orders through an application for smartphones and tablets, thus making the procedure quicker and more immediate. An idea that greatly facilitates both the staff and the users, especially when the tables are numerous and errors in the command are just around the corner.


Why be forced to wait in line for your turn, when you could have the possibility to place the command immediately by going to a special multimedia station and wait at the assigned table? That's exactly what iPad workstations are for. They are already very popular in US fast-food restaurants and seem to have led to significant results in terms of increased orders and therefore revenues. Such a solution, in addition to speeding up orders in fast food restaurants, given the absence of queues at the checkouts, also makes it more inviting to enter the restaurant, since even during "rush hours" there are never mileage lines to order.


This could be the most interesting and 'trendy' technological innovation for years to come, as almost all restaurants now have a dedicated Facebook page representing them. Recently, several online platforms have been developed, capable of interfacing with the most popular restaurant management software, created precisely to allow customers to order and pay their bills using Facebook. These solutions cost relatively little and have a high potential for increasing the earnings of restaurants.


No doubt keeping customers busy during their stay is one of the most effective ways to keep them on the premises. That's why one of the new technological trends in the restaurant world is digital tables: real entertainment stations that allow customers to order, play games, pay the bill and even selfie! Equipped with a glass touch screen with 4K resolution, this jewel of technology provides customers with all the distractions they are looking for while waiting for their meal.


This is one of the most popular innovations among consumers, which is why it is one of the fastest-growing. For restaurants, it is probably also the easiest to implement, since there are many and varied methods to activate digital couponing initiatives. A practical and effective solution is based on the use of the WiFi hotspot that the restaurant makes available to customers. Most hotspots integrate a welcome page that can be set up as desired by the manager. Thanks to it, banners containing offers and promotions created specifically for WiFi users of the location can be shown to those who connect. It is a method that allows you to advertise particular products and up-sell initiatives to increase revenues.

Surely, in the coming years, new technologies for restaurants will spread: in some countries, such as the USA, China and Japan have already started! If customers will reward the choices of those who offer them, preferring those restaurants to those of the competition, it will be the world market itself that will impose on everyone the need to leap in quality. The future will give us the answer!

The SmartBite Team

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